Book review: The Guest List

The Guest List book cover

This is the third Lucy Foley I’ve read, and it is most definitely her best. This mystery novel set on a remote, wild island off the coast of western Ireland digs deeps into the psyches of its multiple point of view characters, and the slow reveals keep the story moving quickly and maintain reader interest…

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Book review: The Hunting Party

I picked this novel up after having read good reviews about it. I liked the idea of a murder mystery set in a remote Scottish hunting lodge, cut off from civilization during a blizzard. This novel started off very well, and kept me quickly turning the pages. Nine old friends – most of them classmates…

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Book review: The Human Flies

I bought this novel when traveling in Norway. Embarrassingly, aside from Ibsen (whom I love), I’m completely ignorant about Norwegian writers. I know Norway boasts thriller writers, such as Nesbo, who fill the book shops, but I was looking for something different and picked up this debut mystery novel by contemporary author Hans Olav Lahlum.…

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