Florence’s majestic Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Florence’s Piazza della Signoria has been the heart of Florence’s political and urban life for centuries, and any tourist should ensure their walk in the city takes them to this busltling square. Building on the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s Town Hall, was completed in 1332. The belltower used to warn Florentines of fires, invaders – or…

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Reason #5379 to love Rome: Michelangelo’s Moses

There’s a great expression in Italian, l’imbarazzo della scelta, which translates loosely to such a wide range of choices that it’s almost embarrassing. That’s how I feel about Rome’s artistic treasures. There’s simply so much to see in Rome, and much of the treasure trove is absolutely free to visitors. One such (marvellous) artistic example of…

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