My new novel, In The Shadow of The Apennines, launches in two weeks!

So excited that my third novel, In The Shadow of The Apennines, will launch in just two weeks.

This is a story I have wanted to tell about a region of Italy I love – the mountainous region of Abruzzo. This story within a story follows Samantha, a modern-day American woman trying (rather haphazardly) to restart her life in Italy’s rugged mountain region of Abruzzo. She finds the letters and diaries of Elena, a former resident in her cottage – and is quickly engrossed in her life and how she survived poverty, devastation and loss in Abruzzo of the early twentieth century, while never relinquishing hope.

My novel does not follow both stories equally throughout the book. Instead, Samantha discovers the journals at a low point, when she is most receptive to internalizing the lessons of those who suffered far more than she. This is one of the aspects I enjoy about dual timeline women’s fiction – how much we share with women who came before us and how stories from the past allow us to look upon our own struggles with fresh perspective.

In The Shadow of The Apennines

Here are some of the editorial reviews I’m receiving:

“A poignant and hopeful story of one woman’s search for herself.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“An emotionally nuanced thrill ride. Sullivan’s expert prose allows a deeper look at her protagonists’ feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities. The novel succeeds as both a contemporary fiction and a thoughtfully told story of a heartbroken woman trying to come to terms with the new circumstances of her life. A tale of heartbreak, grief, courage, and self-realization that will resonate with many.”

-The Prairies Review

“A compelling literary work. Sullivan’s novel is romantic in the way only foreign travel can be, with the prose beautifully describing the sights and sounds of Italy, as well as unveiling the captivating story of two women’s seemingly disparate lives woven together across time.”

-Self-Publishing Review

“From the start, Sullivan’s remarkable storytelling drew me in and had me hooked to the end. The story is filled with delightful descriptions of Italian culture, the breathtaking Apennine Mountains, and details about the hardworking, courageous people who have called Abruzzo home for centuries. This is an unforgettable story about hope, finding the strength to face the past, and embracing new beginnings.”

-Readers’ Favorite Review

“In author Kimberly Sullivan’s newest novel, Samantha Burke unearths comfort and solace in Italy’s idyllic towns and cultures and an awe-inspiring journal of fortitude and adversity. A fascinating fiction with resonant themes.”

-Feathered Quill Review 

And now I’m hoping for more reader reviews!

My novel is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. And I’ll share a secret with you. I’ll be reducing the e-book price to just 99 cents/99 pence/99 euro cents – and to equivalent prices across currencies for launch day and the first two weeks of sales. If you pre-order, you will also get that price drop … so do take advantage of the sale price to enjoy a vicarious mountain escape!

Learn more about my novel and find pre-order links here.


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