My first podcast! WFWA’s Hear Us Roar podcast for my Three Coins

I  love podcasts.

Many, may years ago, I was a radio journalist. I so love radio, so I’ve been even more thrilled to see the popularity of podcasts in recent years.

One of the podcasts I frequently follow is one hosted by the Women’s Fiction Writers Association entitled Hear Us Roar, and hosted by author and WFWA writer, Maggie Smith. For me, this podcast is a great way for me to “meet” my fellow WFWA writers, learn about their debuts and their writing process, and to start getting new ideas for my already towering TBR list…

So I was thrilled when the podcast host, Maggie Smith, asked me to be a guest for one episode.

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We had a wide ranging discussion, including background about my debut novel, what inspired me to write it, my publishing path and why I decided to indie publish, lessons learned along the way, plotting v pantsing and my acceptance that I am a a hopeless pantser, what I’m working on next, life in Italy, and whether Nora Ephron’s reflections that “The Secret to a Happy Life? Marry an Italian” is true.

Hope you’ll enjoy listening! 156: Kimberly Sullivan- Author of Three Coins – Hear us Roar | Podcast on Spotify

And since I love podcasts so much – if you have a bookish podcast – keep me in mind as a guest!

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