Restorative hiking in Abruzzo

My weekend escapes to the mountains of Abruzzo are always pleasant. But my most recent weekend jaunt was especially satisfactory.

My younger son and I could both (finally) get away from the city, and with the scorching temperatures in Rome, and so the Apennine mountains in nearby Abruzzo was an excellent plan.

Even more so because this region was long classified as a “red zone” in the lockdown fervor that punctuated this past year – making visits impossible.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

So my son and I were glad to be back to this beautiful region.

Days were hot, but humidit-free, allowing for long hikes through these beautiful mountains and the high plains. Usually an avid hiker, this year took a toll on me, and my legs felt all that work as I reacclimated myself to long mountain walks. I was exhausted by the end of our weekend. The again, trying to keep up with my uber-athletic son always places me in difficulty.

Evenings were downright cold, and it was lovely to sleep with the windows open, pulling up a blanket if it grew too chilly. Not something that ever happens in summertime Rome.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

The cooler weather lasted longer in this region, and a fair bit of snow can still be found on the mountain peaks – although it will melt quickly enough with the arrival of summer heat.

The whole weekend was spectacular, from the fresh mountain air to the long and exhausting hikes. I returned back to the city (kicking & screaming) Sunday night with a newfound energy.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

I’m so pleased Abruzzo is open for tourism again, and I’m already anticipating our next visit to our favored mountain escape.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

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