Taking time to spot the gnomes

Friday musings during a grey and rainy month in Rome.

I saw this photo and thought of when I took it – during a hiking trip I took with my younger son during a hot September weekend. This was out in Ovindoli, in the mountains of Abruzzo – about 1.5 hours east of Rome.

We were hiking up the easy Pizzo di Ovindoli for its spectacular views on a clear, sunny day.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo/ Kimberly Sullivan

My son, always one to have sharp eyes, spotted this little “door” in the tree, welcoming visitors to the home of a gnome or forest sprite.

We had a good laugh – and a chance to catch our breath – as we knocked on the door to pay a visit. Sadly, no one was home, but we loved the whimsy of the jokester who set things up for the observant hikers (in this case, my son, not I…)

We did keep a sharp eye out for any other fantastical forest creatures’ homes, but no luck.

But since we hike this trail frequently, we hope to have better luck next time.

So hikers, remember to keep on the look out for gnomes and forest sprites on your next hike…

Ovindoli, Abruzzo/ Kimberly Sullivan
Ovindoli, Abruzzo/ Kimberly Sullivan

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