Traveling the Potomac – via water taxi

Last week I wrote about a visit we took this past summer to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, just a short trip away from Washington, DC.

I’ve always been reached Alexandria either by car or the metro. On this visit, we took public transport, arriving by metro. But after a nice wander around the town and a leisurely lunch, we changed our plans to return with the metro and instead decided to go back via the Potomac River.

Potomac River water taxi/ Kimberly Sullivan

Regular water taxis run between Alexandria and both Georgetown and Washington Harbor.

I’d never taken a water taxi before. Honestly, I didn’t even know they existed.

Although tickets are a bit pricey, it was a great way to enjoy the layout of Washington, DC and northern Virginia, and to enjoy cooling breezes on a sizzling July day.

Potomac River water taxi/ Kimberly Sullivan

After all of the times I’ve lived and worked in Washington, DC and visited in recent years, I can hardly believe it was my first time travelling along the Potomac.

But there you have it. If you’re visiting Alexandria and the weather is good, consider traveling back to DC in style. Via water taxi.

Potomac River water taxi/ Kimberly Sullivan

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