Beach bumming in Bidart

I’ve already written about a great family holiday in France’s Pays basque, and specifically, in the coastal town of Guethary.

Bidart, France/ Kimberly Sullivan

While there, we would often spend at least part of the day beachside. One of the beaches we visited most frequently was the large, sandy beach neighboring Guethary – in Bidart.

We loved battling the big waves here – and watching the poor lifeguards as they had to constantly separate the surfers from the swimmers. Not an easy task!

Bidart, France/ Kimberly Sullivan

The walk to and from the beach along pretty, cliffside villas was picturesque, and there were dramatic perches for admiring the sunsets.

On the beach, I enjoyed dividing my time between reading and cooling off with a dive into those strong waves.

Bidart, France/ Kimberly Sullivan

My older son took beginner surfing lessons out on this beach, so I also spent a few chilly mornings out on this deserted stretch of beach – stunning even with the grey morning light on less sunny days. And this is Pays basque, so there were plenty of those…

All in all, an enjoyable, lazy rhythm to our Basque country holidays.

Bidart, France/ Kimberly Sullivan
Bidart, France/ Kimberly Sullivan


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