Nikolaiviertel in Berlin

Nikolaiviertel, BerlinI had a  nice little wander in this picturesque neighborhood when I was in Berlin.

I suppose liking this vibe of this historic neighborhood is a bit akin to claiming one of the most stunning castles you’ve seen is the one in Orlando, Florida. For alas, Berlin’s Nikolaiviertel is a bit Disneyesque…

This small area on the bank of the Spree River once housed some of Berlin’s oldest homes, however, the zone was largely destroyed by bombing during World War II. It fell within East Germany during the Cold War period, and the East Germans made the rather controversial decision in the 1980s to redevelop the area creating a little medieval village.

Nikolaiviertel, BerlinI suppose my thinking on this, having spent much time in post-Communist countries and knowing their penchant for atrocious architecture, is that it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

The current neighborhood is a replica of what the historic buildings would have looked like before the bombing.

Nikolaiviertel also houses the oldest church in historic Berlin. Construction began on it in 1230, but dragged on through the 15th century. This church was also destroyed in the bombing of 1945, and rebuilt in 1987.

Definitely worth a wander through Nikoliaviertel and its 1980s medieval vibe when you’re next in Berlin.

Nikolaiviertel, Berlin

Nikolaiviertel, Berlin

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