Turin’s salon: Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, ItalyPiazza San Carlo is the iconic square in Turin’s historical center. Its nickname to locals is the ‘salotto di Torino’ – Turin’s ‘salon’ or ‘living room’: the natural gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

On a recent Saturday in Turin, it was here I had an appointment to meet with a friend of mine in town.

Iconically, we met under the horse statue, which depicts the Savoy King Emanuele Filiberto.

Piazza San Carlo was laid out in the 16th and 17th century. Before this, the area had been exterior to the city walls, but in the 16th century and urban renewal project expanded the city, which grew to the south.

In 1617 the architect Carlo di Castellamonte was charged with creating Via Nuova, which would later become today’s Via Roma, and this square which would bear his name.

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, ItalyToday, it’s the central heart of the city. The weekend I was there it held an international music festival, with a  large stage set up on one end of the square.

Warm days (not always a given in Turn) see the cafes and restaurants spilling over into outdoor seating on the square.

If you’re in Turin, chances are your path will lead you several times across the city’s ‘living room’ – Piazza San Carlo. Enjoy mixing with the tourists and locals on this picturesque square.

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Piazza San Carlo, Turin, Italy

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