Pen writingEvery year I set writing New Year’s Resolution writing goals for myself, and this year I’ve apparently been a very, very, very bad resolution-keeper.

It’s not that I don’t write lots. I do. But it’s for my day job.

What I’ve always been good about is carving out a bit of free time evenings and weekends for creative writing. This year, it simply hasn’t worked out that way as demands at work have become all-consuming  slipped into those precious evenings and weekends.

This weekend I am finally managing an escape to our place out in the mountains. There I love taking long walks, riding on mountain bike trails with my kids, and WRITING!

Let’s hope the mountains inspire me – as they usually do – because I need to get back into the rhythm of getting those words on paper.

What about you, writers? Do you go through slump periods when you’re not very productive? When this happens, how do you revive your old writing habits?