Child writing“All children ‘write.’ I suppose the real question is why do so many people give it up.”

Margaret Atwood

How true is this observation? And even better coming from the multi-talented author Margaret Atwood.

For what child doesn’t enjoy writing and storytelling? Yet how many give up that passion as they grow older and develop new interests that take them away from the creativity and discovery of their early years?

Those of us who love to write never gave up that childhood passion, of course, but it’s still fun to see that imagination run wild in young children as they excitedly recount their stories.

And why do so many children give up their passion for writing as they grow older? Is it no longer considered important once ‘real’ life begins? Is it viewed as a mere distraction from work and adult life?

When I watch young teenagers – and far too many adults – surgically connected to their electronic devices at all hours of the day and night, I wonder if there’s any creativity or time for thoughtful reflection left in the modern world. I imagine I should be thankful there is any interest in writing and storytelling today.

Thankfully, writers and readers, you help fuel this creativity. Let’s do our best to keep this childhood love of creativity and writing alive.