2015_November_400Excuse me a moment of crowing.

But after almost four years of blogging, I’ve reached my 400th post, and sometimes it’s worth it to simply stand back and pat ourselves on the back for managing to do what we set out to do… and to reflect on how we got here.

Back in  2012, I started a blog dedicated to two of my favorite topics : writing and traveling.

I thought – hopefully, apparently correctly – that people who shared my passion for reading and writing and for exploring this big, exciting, amazing world in which we live might enjoy reading my humble thoughts on these pages.

I’ve always believed that readers, writers and travelers are kindred spirits. Because why does one read or write or except to escape into other worlds, and to ‘eavesdrop’ on other lives? And isn’t this the very same reason we travel?

Over these past (almost) four years, I’ve enjoyed these scribblings on the virtual page, and been even more excited to connect with like-minded readers and fellow bloggers who share my passions and have provided me with excellent suggestions, advice and encouragement.

I’m so pleased to have reached 400 posts – and here’s hoping for 400 more! Happy blogging to all…