Sarteano, Tuscany, ItalyAh, more medieval Tuscany. I’ve already written to our visit to some of the small towns of Tuscany’s beuatiful Valdorcia. My son was at a track and field camp in pretty Abbadia di San Salvatore, which I’ve written about in an earlier post.

But medieval towns are sprinkled all over this pretty region in the province of Siena, and are well worth a visit. One such place is the medieval town of Sarteano.

Sarteano, Tuscany, ItalyIt’s worth wandering the old, medieval streets of pretty Sarteano.

The first mentions of Sarteano as an actual town date back to  the 11th century, with the presence of the Longobard Family under Count Farolfi. Later, in the 15th century, the town would become part of the Republic of Siena.

The first reference to Sarteano’s castle is in 1038. During its long history, the castle was witness to many sieges – including by the infamous Ceasar Borgia (son of Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander) in 1503.

Sarteano, Tuscany, Italy
Going down the castle’s ‘secret'(and dark!) staircase…

The defensive walls were protected by lighting fires – something I learned was typical of the region in the Middle Ages. The castle has recently be restored and is open to the public, and the views are beautiful from the tower.

Since this town is also hear the Val di Chiana, it’s also a good place to eat bistecca alla fiorentina. I went for the traditional pici pasta for lunch, but the rest of my family enjoyed their local steak. I did try a bite, and it was delicious. Maybe next time.

If you’re in the region, enjoying all the beautiful places to see in Tuscany, be sure to also stop off in Sarteano. Also see my earlier post about nearby Monte Amiata.

Sarteano, Tuscany, Italy