Lake Overlook trail, YellowstoneLast week I wrote about beautiful Yellowstone Lake. My family and I enjoyed staying at a lodge on the edge of this lake on our visit to Yellowstone National Park last summer.

This week, I wanted to point out the pleasant and easy Lake Overlook trail, which is a must-see if your travel plans take you to Yellowstone Lake.

Yellowstone has  a ridiculous amount of amazing trails. We were out on the trails every day, but we barely scratched the surface of all there is to offer during our stay.

Lake Overlook trail, YellowstoneBefore you go on any hikes, stop off at one of the many ranger stations and ask about trail conditions, bear spottings, and purchase/learn how to use bear spray.

We had already had a pretty rigorous day of hiking, and were looking for an easy evening walk to stretch our legs and enjoy the views without too much exertion. The Overlook trail fit the bill perfectly.

Lake Overlook trail, YellowstoneThe Lake Overlook trail is an extremely easy trail, with mild slopes, but it does take you through the forests and up to a panoramic point to admire views over the lake. We were there just before sunset, and the colors were beautiful. I imagine it would also be gorgeous early in the morning.

As with all the trails at Yellowstone, the paths are well-marked.

After hiking our trail and returning to the parking area, we also had a chance to observe all the deer gathered nearby for their evening grazing.

Enjoy the easy but pleasant hike of the Lake Overlook trail – and be sure to pause to admire the gorgeous views over Yellowstone Lake.

For more Yellowstone hiking tips, see my earlier post about the Mystic Falls trail. Enjoy!

Lake Overlook trail, Yellowstone