MilkmanOver at the excellent Nathan Bransford blog, Nathan poses an intriguing question about why personal blogs have been disappearing: I  miss the blogosphere

Not being cool and trendy, I admit that I didn’t know that I’ve apparently slid into hopeless frumpiness. I love writing my blog and reading the blogs of others.

Yes, I learn about all the cool books and travel destinations (my two key areas of interest on my blog) from all the other amazing blogs out there, so I hadn’t even considered the decline of the blog.

But, having read Nathan’s post, I suppose he does have  a good point. The high point of blogs, when they were shiny and exciting and new, has passed. There are fewer new blogs in a  world dominated by Twitter and Instagram. But – because I always love to play devil’s advocate – is that necessarily a bad thing?

Those of us who love words, who feel tempted to gush on beyond 140 characters, will always be drawn to blogs. And those who never loved the  medium have other avenuesin which to express themselves.

Luckily for us (determined bloggers), the kindred spirits who feel the same are keeping their blogs up, or creating new ones.

Maybe I’m biased, but writers and travellers will continue to be drawn to the blog format, to the creativity and length for explanation, for the interaction and thoughtful nature of the replies. And they’ll use Twitter and instagram to drive the traffic back to their blogs.

So, fellow bloggers, here’s to cheering us on.  I, for one, won’t give up reading blogs easily. Cheers for all the great work out there. Happy blogging!