2015_March_ReadwomenOkay, okay, so officially International Women’s Day falls on 8 March, which is a Sunday this year.

At my workplace, where we celebrate women’s achievements in projects in developing countries, we’ll be marking the day today.

Since many observances will take place on Friday, it occurred to me – why not celebrate the entire weekend by devoting your weekend reading to female authors?

Goodness knows, they could use the attention. As #Readwomen and VIDA have made clear, although women readers are the overwhelming majority of the reading public, scant attention is paid to female authors by mainstream media outlets.

Recently, I made the mistake of reading an author interview with a pompous male writer -who shall go unnamed – who seemed to dismiss these figures and criticized attempts to bring attention to the fact via social media.


Clearly, #Readwomen and VIDA still have an important role to play promoting the work of female authors. And we as readers, especially as readers who dominate the market, can do our part, too. Why not observe this International Women’s Day by celebrating talented female authors? Happy reading weekend to all!