ReadWomen2014Those of you who may have followed my blog this year know what a big fan I am of #Readwomen2014.

Although there are more talented women authors out there than ever, writing from every corner of the globe, it’s clear women writers aren’t getting the amount of attention they deserve.

Traditional media tends to favor male authors, and so the idea arose that social media could help even the playing field.

As an avid reader who tilts more heavily towards female authors, I was happy to join the #Readwomen2014 bandwagon.

See my earlier post on the movement and my “progress reports” throughout the year, mentioning my favorite reads by female authors (See here  and here).

“And now, the end is near…”, but our work isn’t over yet.

Where is #Readwomen2015?

For those of us committed to reading, sharing, and promoting the work of female authors, this is just the beginning. Let’s keep up those efforts to promote talented female writers in the new year – and beyond.

Help promote #Readwomen2015 in the new year!