Taroko Gorge, TaiwanI  already wrote about the great vacation I had last year in Taiwan. My earlier posts talked about highlights in Taipei, Taipei’s Palace Museum,  and visiting Taiwan’s highest skyscraper, Taipei 101.

But we also loved our time on Taiwan’s eastern coast, hiking in the beautful Taroko Gorge. And part of the fun of our time there was returning from a day on the trails to the luxury of the Silk Place Taroko Hotel.

Taroko Gorge, TaiwanThis hotel was a wonderful refuge right in the Taroko Gorge. From our room, we could watch the monkeys swinging through the trees.

From the rooftop, we could swim in the pool and soak in the hottubs, all with views over the gorges and the temples clinging to the rocky ledges.

In the evening, there were musical performances by many of the indigenous groups who continue to maintain their customs and traditions on Taiwan’s eastern coast.

Silk Palace, Taroko Gorge, TaiwanMy sons were thrilled with the well-stocked game room, with (insert mother’s sigh here) video games, but also Legos and ping pong tables.

And my kids also loved the daily cooking classes children could sign up for. My children don’t speak any Chinese, but they had an interpreter who helped explain the Taiwanese chef’s instructions.

Silk Place Hotel, Taroko, TaiwanMy children wound up making impressive dessert chocolates, even with the language barrier, and they had lots of fun.

And their chef-signed certificate all with traditional Chinese characters was quite impressive.

So when you are in Taiwan, be sure to go visit the beautiful Taroko Gorge region. Enjoy your days hiking, and your evenings relaxing at the Silk Palace hotel.

Silk Place Hotel, Taroko, Taiwan