Dinosaur BBQ logoOkay, so Manhattan barbeque joints probably aren’t the first thing to spring to mind for most visitors to New York.

But whenever we’re back in New York, my kids insist that we go back to eat at Dinosaur Bar-b-que, a popular Harlem restaurant and Columbia University hangout.

Sometimes we eat there, and sometimes we get takeout to enjoy it at home.

Dinosaur BBQ, New YorkOnce we even braved a blizzard to get there, climbing over massive snow drifts, and (not surprisingly) we had our pick of tables. But that’s rare, usually you have to arrive early – especially on weekends- unless you’re prepared for an hours-long waiting list.

The original Dinosaur Bar-b-que opened in Syracuse, New York in 1988 (and the salty Syracuse potatoes are a set item on the menu) and the Harlem location in 2004.

Prices are good, the setting is informal and the barbeque makes it well worth the visit. Desserts look good, too, but I’ve never made it that far.

So, fellow travellers, when you’re in Manhattan and in the mood for good ribs, brisket, cornbread, and and pitchers of beer, be sure to make a visit to Dinosaur Bar-b-que. Reservations aren’t accepted – so get there early.

Dinosaur Bar-b_que, Harlem, New York
Happy customer