Are you a Lone Ranger writer?

Lone RangerRachelle Gardner’s excellent blog poses the question – Are you a Lone Ranger writer? – in this post.

Writing is known as a lonely profession, but as Rachelle points out, the ‘Lone Ranger’ writer who writes in a truly solitary manner is a real rarity today.

It’s hard to get published, and writers today are much more likely to join classes and critique groups to hone their skills, and to take part in writing conferences.

And, even if you do get published, the days of sitting back and letting your publisher market your book are long gone. You’ll be expected to be out there, meeting readers physically and virtually, and building up your on-line presence, reaching out to readers, bloggers, reviewers, etc.

What do you think, writers? Is the image of the lonely writer still a reality in today’s changing publishing market?

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