The new Women’s Fiction Writers Association

Women's Fiction Writer's AssociationI wrote a post about this new association when it was still an informal Yahoo mail loop. But about a month ago, the group became an official association and I just paid my annual dues and became an ‘official’ member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association a few weeks ago. See their web site here.

I like that this is an inclusive organization, with a loose definition of women’s fiction writers as ‘writers who create stories about a woman’s emotional journey.’

The group is quite new, with future plans for an annual writers’ conference, contest, a quarterly newsletter, and online pitching sessions. For now, the fora are active and online craft workshops are being offered. I’m taking one now on critiquing, and its incredibly useful.

The site is also developing as a great way to meet fellow writers, and to seek out critique partners, beta readers, and to get critiques on the dreaded query and synopsis. The organizers even set up virtual critique groups.

So, for women’s fiction writers looking for an inclusive and supportive network, take a look at the Women’s Fiction Writers Association web site, and consider joining. Happy writing!

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