Author interview and new book launch for Kerry Chaput

Kerry Chaput photo

I’m lucky enough to know author Kerry Chaput from the wonderful Women’s Fiction Writers Association and its lively sub-group on Historical Fiction. I love her work and am impressed by her versatility across genres, so I’m especially honored to have her as a guest this week. Born a California girl, Kerry now lives in Bend,…

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The new Women’s Fiction Writers Association

I wrote a post about this new association when it was still an informal Yahoo mail loop. But about a month ago, the group became an official association and I just paid my annual dues and became an ‘official’ member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association a few weeks ago. See their web site here.…

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I joined the new Women’s Fiction Writers Association

I learned about this association on a blog I follow, author Amy Nathan’s excellent Women’s fiction writers blog. Amy, author of the soon-to-be-released The Glass Wives, posts lots of great author interviews for authors writing women’s fiction. Her site is a tremendous resource for those interested in the genre. It’s through one of Amy’s posts…

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