TwitterIt took me  a while, but I’ve finally joined over 200 million users of Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter for my work, and find it quite useful for reaching specialized audiences. Unlike Facebook – which I hate, loathe, despise, makes me break out in hives – I find Twitter to be a great way to keep updated.

I’ve attended writing conferences and read writing magazines where all the experts stress the need for a Twitter presence, and yet I’ve held out until now.

I guess my main concern centers on taking time away what is my already very limited writing time. I’ve already posted on whether keeping up with social media takes time away from your writing.

When I wrote that post, I only had a blog presence. Since then, I’ve also joined Goodreads, which I love, and now Twitter. I do worry about maintaining focus (or giving up even more sleep), but I also like the idea of keeping up with writer friends and industry news.

TwitterSo, I look forward to being active on Twitter and STILL carving out enough time to write my short stories and novels.

If you’re on Twitter, find me @KimberlyinRome. I’ll look forward to being in touch!

And for all you other writers and bloggers out there, what have your experiences with Twitter been? Love it? Hate it? Given up sleep to Tweet?