Addictive_Blog_awardMany thanks to Getsetandgo for nominating me for The Addictive Blog Award! Snigda, based in Mumbai, hosts a wonderful blog that lets me dream I’m travelling in south Asia (and gives me lots of great ideas for future trips), so it was a real honor to have been selected.

For this award, I have to say a few words about why I blog and nominate ten other bloggers I feel deserve this awards as well. So, here goes…

Why I started blogging – I started blogging last January. I had just attended a writing conference where we talked about the need for aspiring authors to build a web presence as they start the querying process. I love writing and books, but I couldn’t imagine just blogging about writing, so I decided to create a blog about writing and travels- with a  generous dose of all things Italian thrown into the mix – and have been pleased to meet so many others who share these (addictive) passions.

Nominate others – This is always the best part, my nominations for ten other addictive blogs (in alphabetical order) …

  • Catherine  McNamara– I was lucky enough to meet Australian-expat-in-Italy Catherine at the Matera Festival and I love following her blog. If you’ve missed it, Catherine gave a great author’s interview , with advice for other writers, and I look forward to her collection of short stories, coming out this year.
  • Celeste – Celeste is an Italian writer whom I missed meeting at Matera (this year, I hope to make up for that error). She’s got a great site for all those who love Italian style (and really, who doesn’t?). Read and dream…
  • Chantel RhondeauRomantic suspense writer Chantel is publishing her second book this year, and she also happens to be a fantastic crit partner. Her site has lots of tips for writers and book reviews. If you missed her author interview on my site, take a look here.
  • Debra at Bella Bagni di Lucca – And if you need to dream some more… I just discovered Debra’s great site. Debra is living in beautiful Tuscany and her site is filled with lots of useful information and gorgeous photos.
  • Descripted Lines – Amber is a talented writer and editor and I’m ever so grateful that she founded our Rome Writer’s group. I count on those meetings every two weeks and my work’s improved a zillion-fold after helpful suggestions by Amber and the other members of our group.
  • Julia Hones – Julia is a talented short story writer and another great critique partner. Julia’s site is filled with interesting information for writers and readers.
  • Le Drakenoir – Always has great posts and photo writing challenges that make me smile, in addition to a really nice take on life. Le Drakenoir blogs from Denmark.
  • Melinda Dozier – Melinda’s a romance writer living in Guatemala, and another of my fabulous crit partners. Melinda has her first book coming out in May of this year, so 2013 is bound to me a great year for her! And I’ve already made her promise to speak about her book on my blog.
  • Word by Word – Hmmm. It seems I naturally gravitate towards expats. Claire is from New Zealand, now “suffering” in beautiful Provence. Claire has a web site all book lovers should visit – I love to read her reviews on books I’ve either read or that quickly make it to my towering want-to-read pile.
  • WordfooleryMy cup runneth over. Ireland-based writer Grace Tierney is yet another amazing critique partner and I enjoy reading both her short stories and novel chapters and her interesting blog that explores unusual words in the English language. If you missed my NaNo interview with Grace, who offers plenty of useful tips and advice, read it here.

Thanks to all you addictive bloggers for keeping up your great sites! Hope you’ll nominate more.