Todi’s beautiful Palazzo del Popolo

Todi Piazza del Popolo, Umbria, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Todi is a picturesque medieval hilltown in Umbria – and its central square, Pizza del Popolo, is wonderfully picturesque. It’s a great place to sit and watch life pass you by. I was here recently on a lovely autumn day, and, when I got tired of walking up and down the steep hills, I enjoyed…

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Wine, lace and beauty in the Marche’s Offida

Every winter, my son and I pass through the Italian region of the Marche so he can take part in indoor races in seaside Ancona. These trips give us a great chance to explore all the picturesque towns in that region. One of those picture-perfect towns that’s long been on my list is the hill…

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Stopping of at the Marche’s Macerata

Macerata, Marche, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We visited Macerata on a beautiful January day, after having mistaken picturesque, nearby Recanati for Macerata. Macerata is a hill town town in the Marche region’s interior. Its population is a little over 40,000. Perched 315 meters from sea level, this town is about 30 km from the Adriatic coast. Mentions of Macerata date back…

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Steep hills and dead poets in the Marche’s Recanati

Recanati, Marche, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

My son and I were traveling through Marche and actually stopped off in picturesque Recanati by mistake. Italy is one of those fabulous places when a wrong turn can introduce you to a fabulous hilltown filled with stunning views, art and culture. Every year, we are in Ancona for races, and often tag some time…

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Perfect views over invading knights in medieval Òsimo

I’ve been writing about a lot of impressive towns boasting spectacular medieval architecture in Italy’s Marche region. The medieval hilltop town of Òsimo is one such town that merits a visit when you next find yourself in the region. This is an easy one to reach – just a few kilometers from the regional capital…

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