A surprise visit to Avellino

Avellino, Campania, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

Because of his qualifying time in a track event, my son was asked to compete in an invite-only race in Aventino, in Italy’s Campania region. It’s about a three-hour drive south of Rome, and I decided to take the day off and accompany him there. I was excited to see him run, and to hopefully…

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Exploring seaside Salerno

Salerno, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Earlier this spring, my younger son had a track race in seaside Salerno. Salerno is a small city in Italy’s Campania region, south of Naples and directly south of the beautiful Amalfi coast. This was my first visit to Salerno, and I was really pleased to have “discovered” this pretty town. It was pleasant –…

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Enjoying the Amalfi Coast – from our car

Amalfi Coast, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We were in Salerno, a town in Campania, just below the Amalfi coast during the long May 1st weekend. My younger son had a track race there and we enjoyed exploring the seaside town. Since my son had never been to the Amalfi coast, he asked if we could have¬† a”quick stop off” to see…

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Bigger than Versailles – the Royal palace at Caserta

I’ve already written about exploring the amazing gardens of the Reggia di Caserta. It had been years I’d been ‘ meaning to visit’, so I was thrilled to finally make it to this royal palace in Italy’s southern Campagna region. After the impressive gardens – DO do do dedicate enough time for a proper wander…

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