My very first shiny badge for Drink Wine and Be Beautiful

I am so excited to have my first short story collection, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful, releasing 26 May.

To prepare for that release, I currently have my collection up on NetGalley (if you are on NetGalley, please consider requesting!), awaiting reader reviews, and I also have it out for editorial reviews.

Pleased to have received my first 5-star editorial review from Readers’ Favorite Reviews. You can see the review below.

Readers' Favorite Review badge


Kimberly Sullivan’s short story collection Drink Wine and Be Beautiful opens with Amica Del Cuore, a tale about a young American woman in Rome finding a friendship that will last a lifetime. A woman finally finds the peace and the contentment she has been looking for all her life when her wealthy and influential husband eventually passes away in Mourning.

Missed Connections follows a married woman who finds an unexpected piece of paper in her old backpack, leading her to reminisce about a long-forgotten chance encounter with a handsome stranger from years ago that could have changed the course of her life. After a devastating breakup, a successful woman’s luck finally turns for the better when she stumbles onto a piece of jewelry in The Ring. Superstition follows a woman who realizes the error of her ways decades after her grandmother’s death.

Twenty-one fascinating slice-of-life stories fill up the pages of this captivating collection by Kimberly Sullivan. Set in different cities of cultural and historical significance, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful contains stories about women from diverse backgrounds and stages in life navigating love, betrayal, loneliness, success, and much more.

Each short story in this enthralling collection is unique and brings something different to the narrative. There is a relatable quality to the protagonists of these stories that make them feel like real people. Their flaws, conflicts, and struggles shape their personalities in distinct ways.

Sullivan has a way with words and brings emotions and complex relationship dynamics to the pages in a seamless fashion. Highly recommended.

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