Useful advice for writers – and for life

“There’s no end to what can be tried, is there? So better luck next time.”

—Eudora Welty

Yet more insightful advice from American novelist and short story writer (1909-2001).

It must be difficult for writers to read bad reviews or feel they poured so much of their heart and soul into a literary work that has been misunderstood or rejected by readers.

Credit: Thibaud Poirier libraries photography

But Welty was a prolific writer who wrote across genres during her long career. A career that received much acclaim. She was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Order of the South. In short, she learned a thing or two over her long and successful career.

If anyone can give this advice to writers to move on and look for new inspiration or a new mode of expression in order to try again, it must be Welty.

Be it writing or almost any other pursuit, these words ring true.

There is no shortage to what can be tried. The key is to keep trying – and, of course, better luck next time.

Good advice we can all follow – in writing, and in life.

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