On your mark, get set, GO all you NaNoers!

It’s November 1st. Do you know what that means to writers?

It’s the start of the crazy, marathon challenge known as National Novel Writing Month.

Each year, writers around the world accept the challenge to write a novel in a month. More precisely, throughout the month of November, writers challenge themselves to write every day, starting a novel from scratch and working until they reach the “finish line” of 50,000 words.

National Novel Writing Month

The rules? It’s a first draft, and creativity is the main objective. No editing, no pruning, just a burst of pure creativity to guide you through the November challenge, until the writer reaches the 50K mark.

Editing and rewriting can come later. This is a chance to indulge in a month-long burst of pure writing, minus your (pesky) inner editor.

If you have writer friends taking part – be kind. They’ll need your support.

I’ll be cheering on the marathon participants from then sidelines.

Ready! Get set! WRITE!!!!!!

… and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

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