A garrulous population is a writer’s dream

“Well, in the South, everybody stays busy talking all the time—they’re not sorry for you to overhear their tales. I don’t feel in helping myself I ever did anything underhanded. I was helping out.”

-Eudora Welty

Love this quote from American, Mississippi-born short story writer (1909-2001) Eudora Welty.

I am no expert on the American South, but I have visited frequently, and I did work for a year in southern Georgia.

I laughed when I was recently told by an American southerner I met that I was more southern than she because I had lived in the “Deeeeeep South”.

One thing I did learn in my short time south of the Mason Dixon line is that it’s no surprise that the south has been home to so many talented writers. In the south, they sure do know how to spin a good yarn.

I love to see that Welty agrees – and fully takes advantage of all the subject matter she garners from the conversations and tales told all around her. Truly a writer’s dream.

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