Frydlant Castle, Czech RepublicIf you’re in northern Czech Republic, just beyond Liberec and close to the Polish border, you’ll want to see the dramatic Frýdlant Castle in  the little town of Frýdlant that is dominated by its hilltop castle.

This is said to have been the castle that inspired Franz Kafka’s famous novel The Castle.

Following the Battle of White Mountain in 1620, this property became the property of the powerful Albrecht Wallenstein, who assumed the title of the Duke of Frýdlant. The Wallenstein (Valdštejn in Czech) family would later fall into disgrace over charges of treason, and Wallenstein himself would be assassinated, supposedly with the approval of the Emperor.

Frydlant, Czech RepublicThe Swedes occupied the castle at the end of the Thirty Years’ War, and strengthened its defensive walls.

The castle was open to public visits as early as 1801, and is still open today.

Unfortunately, we arrived just as the castle was closing to the public.

Frydlant Castle, Czech RepublicThe caretakers were kind enough to show us the courtyard, explain a little of the history to us, and allow our children to gawk as they closed the drawbridge.

We’ll return another time, since we’re curious to see the castle and the interesting exhibition on the Thirty Years’ War it houses. If it could inspire Kafka, after all…

Enjoy your visit to Frýdlant Castle when you’re in the northern reaches of the Czech Republic.
Frydlant Castle, Czech RepublicFrydlant Castle, Czech Republic