Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USWe had a great time last summer on our trip to the US. As part of our vacation, we spent ten days out west in Great Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

At Yellowstone, we stayed at a park lodge on the edge of Yellowstone Lake, and used this as a base for exploring all the park had to offer.

Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone, Wyoming, USWe found this a peaceful place to start each morning and finish each evening, and loved watching sunset each evening on the lake (to be fair, sunrise must have been pretty spectacular, too.

We – ahem – just never managed to get up quite that early. In our own defense, we were exhausted from all the hiking we did during our ten-day trip).

Yellowstone Lake, WyomingFor those who don’t know it, Yellowstone Lake is huge. It has a surface area of 132 square miles and a shoreline 141 miles in length. It’s quite a deep lake, with an average depth of 140 feet – and one segment with an underwater canyon plunging 430 feet depths.

As beautiful as the lake is, this is not the place to swim – it’s estimated that in the summer you would die of hypothermia in 15-20 minutes … so be sure to admire those sparkling blue waters from the shores.

Yellowstone Lake, WyomingLuckily there are plenty of trails along the lake and climbing up above it to do just that. Next week I’ll write about our easy and panoramic trail overlooking beautiful Yellowstone Lake.

Whether or not you decide to stay along the banks of the Yellowstone Lake on your visit to this national park, don’t miss out on a walk on the edges of this lake.

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