Hiking the Phelps Lake Loop, Grand Teton National Park

Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National ParkOf the many impressive hikes to explore in the picturesque Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming, one not to be missed is the pleasant seven-mile loop around Phelps Lake.

The stunning hike begins from the Laurance S. Rockefeller Presereve’s parking area. Parking spots go quickly, so be sure to arrive early in the morning. As always when you go on hikes in Grand Teton, stop off first at the Rockefeller visitor center to speak to the Rangers, and be informed of bear sightings in the area.

Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National ParkAt Grand Teton park, there are both black bears and grizzly bears, so always hike in groups of three or more and go prepared. Being prepared includes having bear spray on hand, and knowing how to use it. Rangers are helpful in explaining this.

On the day of our hike, there was a mother black bear with her cubs. This is good to know in advance so that you can keep a safe distance. Black bears can be aggressive if you get too close to their cubs.

Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National ParkThe Lake Creek Trail leads you to the shores of the lake, and the Phelps Lake Loop will bring you around its beautiful bright, blue waters.

We filled our stomachs at Huckleberry point, giving wide berth to the bears who (not surprisingly) had the same idea. The path continues on, with great views over the lake. It’s an easy and picturesque hike. On the way, we also saw meadows with grazing moose.

Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National ParkOn the hot August day, on the north edge of the lake, we took a nice break along the sandy shore to take a swim. The water is beautiful, crystal clear, picturesque… and COLD!

Still, we enjoyed our time lazing on this beautiful beach, and taking a well-deserved rest from all the hiking.

Enjoy your beautiful hike around Phelps Lake… and if you’re brave, enjoy a bracing swim in its crystal clear waters.


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