Gran Sasso from Ovindoli, Abruzzo
View of the Gran Sasso from the slopes

As this post goes out, I’ll be wrapping up a great week with my family out on the ski slopes of Italy’s Abruzzo region.

I always look forward to a week-long skiing break (heck, if I could, I’d make it a month-long skiing break), and my kids are avid skiers. I’ve written before on skiing in Ovindoli  – a mountain town close to Rome, and summer visits to Ovindoli.

But, in addition to the thrill of skiing each day (instead of going to the office), and breathing in the fresh, mountain air (instead of Roman smog), I always treasure this ski get-away because it also gives me plenty of time to write and to think about writing.

I crave physical activity for the creative process of plotting a novel. I’m always thinking through story ideas when I’m skiing, or hiking, or swimming. And what better way to think through a plot than when examining the view from the chairlifts or swooshing down the slopes?

When I’m back home and warm at the end of a physically tiring day, it’s great to get to work in front of the computer, getting ideas down on the page.

And you, writers? Do you find yourself writing more when you’re on the slopes – or the bike paths, or hiking trails?