2013_February_Seychelles1Okay, full disclosure: this is not a recent trip. I was in these tropical islands seven long years ago for a February get-away.

But since it’s February once again and it’s awfully cold and dark when I get up and out in the mornings, I decided to relive distant memories by posting about a long-ago vacation in this wonderful, sunny destination.

SyechellesThe Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 African islands in the west Indian Ocean. The islands are between four to ten degrees south of the equator and remarkably isolated at about 1500 kilometres (932 miles) off the shore of eastern Africa. The Seychelles’ relative isolation and fairly elevated prices mean that there are no floods of tourists in this tropical getaway.

SeychellesInternational flights will arrive to Victoria, the capital, on the island of Mahe, with connecting flights taking visitors to the other islands. Mahe and neighboring islands Praslin and La Digue are granite islands, filled with stunning beaches with their beautiful rock formations. We stayed on Praslin and took some nice boat trips to neighboring La Digue, which is a great island for biking.

The Seychelles have had both French and English colonial influences and both French and English are official languages here, with Creole widely spoken. The sea is warm and inviting and diving, snorkeling and kayaking are popular activities.

Seychelles giant sea turtlesYou’ll also be able to spot the Seychelles giant sea turtles. The nature is also stunning on these islands and Praslin boasts the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO Heritage site offering trails and the chance to view the famous coco de mer plants, and their giant fruits, that are indigenous to these islands.

I’m actually not a big beach holiday goer – I tend to get bored if there aren’t cultural destinations to see, too, which is probably why I enjoy Italian beaches so much. Still, I loved our week in the Seychelles and whiling away lazy days on deserted beaches and swimming in crystal-clear water.

Just looking at these photos and remembering my time there warms up this cold February day.

Sending some memories of white beaches and  tropical sunshine to you all to brighten up your February morning…