2013 imageA happy 2013 to everyone! Here’s hoping that your new year is starting out well.

For writers, this is also a good time to reflect on writing goals for the new year … at least for those of us who might need an extra push, or those of us who don’t manage to get any writing done during the holiday season.

For me, I’m eager to start querying to get representation for my finished novel, In the Shadow of the Apennines, contemporary and historical women’s fiction following the lives of two women: one in modern-day Abruzzo and one back at the time of the devastating earthquake and Italy’s entry into World War I, in 1915.

In early 2013, I also hope to complete Italian Tales, my collection of short stories about Italian and expat women. Set in Italy, these are women’s stories about love, loss, motherhood, divorce, death, jealousy, regrets, friendship and hope. I’ve completed most of the stories, and those that I haven’t are mapped out in my mind, and ready to make the treacherous journey from jumbled brain cells to computer screen.

The last project I hope to complete in 2013 is another contemporary/historical novel, this one with a time-travelling element. Its called Dark Blue Waves and it is the story of Janet, a young American woman studying at a Jane Austen seminar in Bath, England. Following an accident, Janet wakes up in her own room … back in 1813. I’ve been having a lot of fun writing this one and have been getting tremendously helpful critiques and idea from my critique buddies over at Critique Circle. I’m about three-quarters through with the manuscript, and then hope to polish it until it shines.

So I have lots to keep me busy in the new year… and now I have sent my writing resolutions out into cyberspace, so I have to stick to them!

And you, writers? What are your writing goals for 2013? My best wishes for a happy and successful writing year to us all in 2013!

P.S. While we’re on the topic of writing goals, just thought I’d pat myself on the back, because this is my hundredth post! A good way to start off the new year…

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