The literary agent Rachelle Gardner, whose blog is a treasure trove of useful information for aspiring writers, has an interesting post entitled My Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media. In her post, she poses a question to her readers: Is social media worth the time we spend on it?

She also points to issues such as distracted focus (if we spend too much time on social media ), anxiety (we never know what we’re missing out on when we start filtering), time lost (from our writing or other pursuits, or even down time) .

I enjoy blogging and following other blogs and I feel I learn a tremendous amount from all the information available out there, and the opportunity it provides for an exchange of views  and ideas with other writers and readers.

But, unlike Rachelle Gardner, I don’t keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest. Doubtless, I should, but one has to draw the line somewhere, and between a family, a full time job, friends and other interests and the need to set aside writing time each day (well, okay … ideally each day), I have to make choices.

What do you think, writers? Social media is certainly a Godsend for aspiring writers breaking into the business today, but does it also slow down your writing? Is it, in Rachelle’s words, worth the time we spend on it? And if so, what do you do to ensure your writing schedule stays on track?