Author interview with Elaine Scroller

Elaine Schroller

I’m’ so excited to have fellow Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) author, Elaine Schroller, on my blog today. If you haven’t yet read Elaine’s work, I highly recommend you start now! I’ve read and loved Elaine’s two historical novels, and can’t wait to dig into her writing process, research, advice for writers, and a peek…

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More fun with historical research: Ball gowns!

And here’s where most men will stop reading… As Mr. Bennet himself put it so elegantly when his wife attempted to describe ball gowns to him in the BBC film version of  Pride and Prejudice: “No lace. No lace, Mrs. Bennet, I beg you!” Chapter three of  Pride and Prejudice expresses Mr. Bennet’s disdain for discussions…

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