My August 2023 reads

The Manhattan Girls cover / Kimberly Sullivan

In August, I was on holidays. And holiday reading is always the best reading. Mostly in New York, I was tearing through books I primarily borrowed from my local library. This month’s reads saw me following along on the comeback attempt (decided at a US Open final) of a tennis pro who regretted having to…

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Book Review: Along the Infinite Sea

I’ve already reviewed A Hundred Summers,  a book I enjoyed by author Beatriz Williams,                                   in an earlier post. You can see my earlier review here. After having enjoyed Williams’ debut novel, I was happy to  (bad pun alert) dive back…

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Book review: A Hundred Summers

Plot in a nutshell: Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Years later, boy returns into girl’s life, now married to girl’s best friend. Classic story, but it’s what the author does with it. This wonderful debut novel by Beatriz Williams is told in alternating story lines. The first unrolls in 1931 as smart, ambitious Smith…

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