Easter at the Three Coins Inn

Release Date: Coming in 2024


Friendship. Love. Loss. New beginnings.
Find it all at The Three Coins Inn.

It's been four years since Emma, Annarita and Tiffany threw their coins in Rome's Trevi Fountain and cemented a friendship that would change their lives, in more ways than one. Emma has departed Rome for the charming Umbrian village of Todi, where she's busy managing the Three Coins Inn, while Annarita and her husband run the hotel's cooking classes.

A new set of hotel guests descend on the idyllic property, eager to recharge and leave their problems far behind. The last thing ambitious television reporter Madison wants is a two-week respite in sleepy Umbria, but when things fall apart, she may not have a choice in the matter. Heike is mourning her husband's death, and hopes a change in scenery in a country they once both loved will hasten the healing. Chris' surprise holiday for his wife isn't shaping up at all the way he imagined it. And grandmother Grace is enlisted to whisk her granddaughter away from a marriage in crisis.

Will the charm and atmosphere of The Three Coins Inn work its magic on its guests?