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I love to write novels – and have far too many incomplete or unrevised manuscripts languishing away in drawers. My favourite genre is women’s fiction, both contemporary and historical. I belong to two critique groups and I’m a proud member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

I have two completed manuscripts.  In the shadow of the Apennines, a work of women’s fiction, has both contemporary and historical storylines. It is set in a  region of Italy that I love – in the wild mountains of Abruzzo. Dark Blue Waves is set in modern-day and early nineteenth century Bath, England.

In the Shadow of the Apennines

Abruzzo, ItalyWomen’s fiction: contemporary and historical

Samantha moves to a mountain home in Abruzzo, Italy, hoping to start a new life after the break-up of her marriage and a failed university career. But her attempts at breaking into the closed mountain community are quickly thwarted when the residents discover Samantha’s snarky blog ridiculing the town and its inhabitants.

Shunned and increasingly isolated in her mountain cottage, Samantha seeks solace in the letters and diaries she discovers in her attic, written by a past tenant in her home – a survivor of the devastating 1915 Pescina earthquake. Despite the century that separates the two women, Samantha feels increasingly drawn into Elena’s extraordinary life and discovers startling parallels that allow her to better understand her own.

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Dark Blue Waves

Bath, UKWomen’s fiction: contemporary and historical, time travel

Janet’s dream has come true. On a literature seminar in Bath, England, Janet lives, eats and breathes Jane Austen. Following an accident, Janet gains consciousness – in Regency England. But corsets, embroidery, and the rules of society in England two centuries ago are only theoretical to Janet, and she treads a thin line trying to blend into her new world without being unmasked as the impostor she is.

Her new friend, Emma, helps her to learn the ropes. Emma’s brother, the handsome and proud Sir Edward, is less forgiving, and his jealous love interest is intent on discovering the truth about Janet’s past. Even if Janet is able to evade trouble by traveling back to modern Bath, is she really so eager to leave her ‘new’ nineteenth century life behind?

Short stories

I am also working on a collection of short stories about Italian women and expat women living in Italy.

Some of these stories have been published and are available online.

San StefanoAbandoned Towers

read online

Digital Papercut Literary Journal

October 2014

Serena fled her small town in Abruzzo years ago, and has carved out a life for herself as a university professor in America. Years later, returning for the first time following the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, Serena is forced to come to terms with decisions made long ago.

Swedish soccerGender Equality

read online

Digital Papercut Literary Journal

October 2014

Francesca left her native Naples to work in an international  organization in Brussels. Recently promoted to a director position, Francesca feels the pressure of espousing progressive gender-sensitive policies in an organization that’s anything but progressive or gender-sensitive.


Mostar, Bosnia-HerzegovinaStari most

read online

Milk Sugar literary journal

October/November 2013

Victoria is an intelligent and driven young woman, at the pinnacle of career success. But her fear of emotional commitments causes her to flee romantic entanglements. On a trip in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Victoria reflects on her past mistakes, and the role she’s played in distancing herself from life.

Bali rice paddiesBalinese traditions

read online (pp 24-35)

Anak Sastra Magazine

October 2013 – Issue 13

Twice before, Giovanna has been forced to cancel plans for her dream trip to Bali, Indonesia. Years later, Giovanna refuses to change her plans for the third time, despite the consequences.

Amica del cuore

read online

Foreign and Far Away anthology

October 2013

This story is built around a word – the Italian word for close friend or best friend, which translates literally as ‘friend of the heart’. In this story, two women-the sophisticated Roman, Giulia, and the small-town American expat Jamie-meet when they’re fighting over the same man. An unlikely friendship forms, and lasts a lifetime.

Signorelli's Last Judgement, OrvietoBitter Harvest

read online

Hartlepool, UK short story contest

December 2012

This is the story of Allison, an American who marries an Italian and moves to Orvieto, a medieval hilltown in Italy’s Umbria region. She’s built a life there working in her husband’s vineyards, until she’s forced to reexamine everything she believed.

2012_September_Missed_connectionsMissed Connections

read online

Foreign Encounters anthology

October 2012

Laura is a cautious woman who recalls a chance encounter on a long-ago train headed from Florence to Rome.

Gordes, Provence

Holiday Bliss

read online

Terrine de mots anthology

September 2012

Luciana and Danilo are an Italian couple in a troubled marriage. At the urging of their marriage counselor, the couple leave their home in Torino for a holiday in Provence, France. Returning to the place where they first met brings back complicated memories of imperfect choices made long ago.

Matera, ItalyCaves

read online

SnoValley Writes writing contest

April 2012

On a pre-wedding vacation in southern Italy, Amanda’s fiancé breaks up with her. Stranded in Matera, Amanda allows the ancient cave town to work its magic on her.

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    1. Oh, wow, Evelyne. Thanks so much for the mention! I have so much fun writing these – thanks for helping to connect my stories with readers who may enjoy an Italian backdrop as much as I do. : )

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