Reading - Salzburg, AustriaHeaven, I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…

That’s how I felt one early morning in August as I stumbled upon Salzburg’s Mozartplatz, just as they were setting up the square for avid readers.

The beautiful square, with its stunning views up to the castle and watched over by Salzburg’s most famous son, Mozart, was stocked with bookshelves filled with books for all readers: young and old, lovers of children’s classics, mystery, thrillers, literary fiction and romance.

Reading - Salzburg, AustriaThe square was filled with colorful and inviting beanbags, comfortable hammocks, and even a gondola in which readers could sit, and the women manning this impressive set-up invited visitors to sit down and relax, to grab a book and enjoy the sunny day.

How much more civilized can a city get? : )

And how can we all sign up for this great initiative in our own cities?

Reading - Salzburg, AustriaIn an era where we see far more people texting on their phones than cracking open books, it’s a much-needed invitation to relax and enjoy getting lost in the pages of a good book.

I, for one, never wanted to leave Salzburg.

Readers, have you ever had fabulous initiatives like this in your own cities?

Happy reading to all!