2014_January_writing_timeJust two weeks ago, I was a good girl, getting out my writing resolutions for the new year.

But here’s the thing – writing takes time. Lots of it. Yes, we all know that, and those of us who love to write make every effort to squeeze in writing time into our busy schedules.

And sometimes, despite all our good intentions, life just gets in the way.

Today, when this post goes out, I’ll be overseeing the move into our new house. The move was supposed to happen during the holidays, when I would have had breathing room more time to unpack and get settled. Now, moving will coincide with busy periods at work, hectic school schedules, weekend sports events for the kids, and a gazillion details for settling in to the house.

Where on earth will I find time to write?

It will be hard, but it’s one of the reasons I set the goals in the first place – a little incentive to keep myself on track. Eventually, I’ll make the time in my schedule again. It may not be as much as I’d like at first, but I’ll get there.

After all, life sometimes gets in the way. And sometimes, we just have to take a deep breath and deal with it. Maybe it makes those quiet moments at our keyboards even that much more treasured.

And you, writers? How do you cope when writing time is overshadowed by all the rest?